About Us

Christian Campus Fellowship exists to encourage, equip and walk along side of college students as they carry the Light to their peers. We believe that they can and will make an impact in the Kingdom of God. We want to teach them, most importantly, to find their identity in Jesus Christ and allow His love to lead them as they serve those around them, even beyond their means. Our goal is to show them what it looks like to live a life in love with Jesus by focusing on discipleship and teaching students to disciple those around them. We emphasize the importance of being involved with the local church by encouraging students to join a small group that our local churches offer for their age group. Community is vital in the church so we make sure to provide opportunities where we can connect as family. This includes Thursday night services, outreach events, service projects and getting involved in intramural activities on campus. At CCF we want Love to mold us, change us, and overflow within us, so that others can see and know the One who IS LOVE. In other words, we want to Love God, Love People and Be the Church. 

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